Our ultimate goal is to help you alleviate the Stress of navigating the complex financial landscape of today, so you can have a better Tomorrow.

Our products & Services have been designed from the ground up using our decades of experience assisting & solving problems for Individuals and Small Businesses just like you: Real world solutions for real world people.

The GoJusto Mission begins with You

The Independent Workforce

1/3 of Americans, just like you, secured income last year as a Freelancer

The Perception…

Your peer group is overlooked due to an unpredictable income stream and operating outside the status quo.


YOU are part of the revolution who contributes $1.28 TRILLION Dollars+ to the US GDP

Source: Edelman Intelligence/PR 2019 - Stat: $1.28 Trillion = 6.28% of US GDP

The Independent Workforce continues to grow

YOU are not Alone in your choice to work Independently

Source: Edelman PR/Intelligence 2019 - “Occupations that Freelance”

The current Financial System is not setup to handle your needs

Our History - Decades of service

Our trusted group of companies have helped thousands of people across many industries which have benefited greatly from our decades of experience: Music, Entertainment, Staffing, Trucking, & Real Estate to name a few.

Our Vision to help

Capture & consolidate our expertise, and allow individuals to get access to affordable online financial services designed from the ground up

Helping the Self Employed Achieve the American Dream
Freelancers       Contractors       Independents

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New Clients

We are actively seeking Strategic Partners to join us in our mission to get our services out to help the 57 Million+ Self Employed Individuals break free of the Banking System.
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